Tendamont company was founded in 1990 and during its existence of over thirty years gained enormous reputation and trust of its clients, mostly due to the quality and consistency of its products and services.

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Awnings are the simplest and the most efficient protection from the sun and UV radiation. In our product catalogue you will find a large selection of different categories of awnings based on their construction, use, material, design, shape, color etc. Our latest addition are the Italian awnings.
Tendamont awnings are unique on the Adriatic market, well known for their quality and endurance.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings, as the name implies, are capable of providing dynamic protection and retracting into a compact state. Propulsion controls are manually operated, either by hand or motors/remote control. We divided them into four major groups of awnings: Folding arm, butterfly, side drop and drop arm awnings.


Fixed awnings can be made in custom shapes and sizes, depending on their use and client needs. Their inner construction is sturdy and made out of metal or aluminum, while the fabric/canvas is made out of PVC – available in numerous colors and textures, and can be custom branded. We divided them into two major groups of awnings: Flat and semi circular awnings.


We sell individual awning parts that can be used to upgrade or fix your existing set-ups or integrate automation controls and sensors (with or without remote control)

Out of all the possible sun protection systems, awnings have the most widespread application. Aesthetics and branding aside, in a very short amount of time a shop window and display of your pharmacy, store, kiosk, bookstore, flower store etc. can be protected. Not only that, but your restaurant, hotel, café, bakery and pastry shop can gain a new comfortable place for your patrons out in the open. Using additional automation, you can greatly reduce energy costs and use the potential of natural air conditioning.

Your own house can benefit from awnings too – you can protect and increase comfort in your garden, terrace, balcony, loggia, next to your pool, windows etc.

Our prices are very affordable, especially taking into consideration the quality of the materials we use in the production of awnings and their fabrics. Prices vary and are calculated based on the type of awning, size, materials, automation, location, branding etc. but you can rest assured that there would be no hidden costs and all the calculations would be presented to you well in advance.

In our product catalogue you will find a large selection of different categories of awnings based on their construction, use, material, design, shape, color etc. however we divided them into two main categories
– retractable and fixed awnings.
Retractable awnings can be: Folding arm, butterfly, side drop, drop arm, circular, semi-circular, trapezoidal, mushroom, with sliders, with hinged arms, cantilever movable awnings, in shape of curtains etc. Fixed awnings can be: flat, circular, semi-circular, trapezoidal and tunnel awnings. Regardless of your needs, we will find the best possible awning and system just for you.

Awnings are a long lasting solution and that is why their inner construction is very sturdy and made out of metal and aluminum – in other words, they are made to last. Likewise, quality fabrics we use are made of out PVC (tarpaulin) or impregnated (acrylic) canvases of renowned European manufacturers Sattler and Sauleda. We are not taking any risks with electronics and moving parts either – every remote controller, receiver, sun/rain/wind sensor, moving rail or piston, comes from renowned manufacturer Somfy – guarantees included.