Tendamont company was founded in 1990 and during its existence of over thirty years gained enormous reputation and trust of its clients, mostly due to the quality and consistency of its products and services.

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Pool covers

Pool covers are a necessary protection for pools – they protect the object, and the water within it, from dirt, elements, gunk, bugs etc. This is especially true for autumn and winter seasons when falling leaves or heavy snow can damage the pool, it’s filters, pumps, tiles etc.

At the same time, pool covers represent a protection from falling in and this is especially important to people who have little kids or even pets.

Fabrics used for pool covers are PVC canvases of renowned European manufacturers Sattler and Sauleda that can be found in various colors, textures, designs and weight. Canvases are cut to order and can be branded and printed on.

Simply put, pool covers allow you to have a well-protected pool filled with clean water throughout the whole year.