Tendamont company was founded in 1990 and during its existence of over thirty years gained enormous reputation and trust of its clients, mostly due to the quality and consistency of its products and services.

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Pergolas represent the simplest and easiest solution for effective protection from the sun and UV radiation. They are often made with wood, steel, aluminum, PVC or a combination of materials. They are rigid, immobile, enduring, perfect for outdoors, city and countryside, for both private homes and businesses.
Design wise, they can feature a solid roof (made out of wood or PVC), a crisscross system of wood, metal and PVC beams, straight or bent sheets of wood, plastic or canvas, or a combination of all these designs.
Design, aside from appearance, also impacts its use – a solid roof option offers a more versatile protection (including rain) as opposed to the crisscross one.
In case fabrics are used, we are using the most durable and quality fabric available of renowned European manufacturers Sattler and Sauleda – three layers of protection with additional UV protection and resistance of -30 to +70 degrees Celsius.

Our offer includes both the fabrics and fixed metal construction.

Pergolas are enduring solutions for optimal sun and UV radiation protection that can fit perfectly into modern settings, be it private homes or businesses. Depending on the roofing, they can also offer protection from rain and snow.
While they are often without branding or fabrics/canvases, they can be made into specific shapes and sizes, thus offering unique opportunities for design that other protection solutions can’t match.

Our prices are very affordable, especially taking into consideration the quality of the materials we use in the production of pergolas. Prices vary and are calculated based on the type of pergola, size, materials, design, location etc. but you can rest assured that there would be no hidden costs and all the calculations would be presented to you well in advance.